About Red Squirrel Store

Red Squirrel Store is about home comforts you can bring on your travels

Handy treasures are our speciality

Red Squirrel Store is about home comforts you can keep close and bring with you, even if you're not going far in 2021!

We love good materials and authentic techniques, utility with beauty. We like things to be versatile or multi-tasking if possible - and portable.

Red Squirrel Store is a British brand with a global outlook founded by Elspeth Dilley in London. The Red Squirrel Store aesthetic springs from experience mainly in the UK, Japan, and Europe.

In case you're wondering, Elspeth previously worked in product development, buying for stores, and in design sales management. Her first loves: art and languages.

And the name Red Squirrel Store? To us it has connotations of neat and natural loveliness, and special things that are squirrelled away!

Red Squirrel Store is available through our own online retail and pop-ups.

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